I didn’t have an experience, I made a decision – a weak, meagerly informed, often doubted, but ultimately correct decision.

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“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you…” James 4:8a – For much of my life since be saved in college, I quietly cringed at that promise.  I translated it to “God’s involvement in my life depends on how well I seek Him.”  I am failing at enough responsibilities without adding one more.  Only recently I realized when we brokenly (new word) do our part, He perfectly does His.  (He really does His part before too.)  Whenever, I choose to draw near to Him, He automatically makes my life better starting with His presence.  How we do it is irrelevant; jogging, reading, singing, etc..  It’s the choice directed at Him; seriously, imagine falling off of cliff.  Your heart cries out, “God help me!”  And His name is Jesus.  God’s not ashamed of His Son, or you either.  When He meets someone, He opens his wallet and shows them your picture.

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