God may not be living up to our expectations, but He is doing fine in the being Real and being Worth It departments.

I have a preliminary question, “If there was someone who:

Made you, knows you, loves you, relates to you, has sway over the outside world you live in AND the mess inside you live with; and who would forgive you, befriend you, adopt you, heal you, secure you, and hang out with you forever,…would you want to know?  Really.  Assuming there were enough evidence to support those claims, are you open to that kind of a relationship?

If so, we definitely have something to talk about.

If not, it’s worth asking yourself, “Why not?”  There is a reason.  Maybe several; but probably just one.  I would pin that down.  You may need to let that objection surface (there are many reasonable ones) because you need the one that’s yours.   Whatever it is, that is what you “believe in”, what you are betting on, what is the deciding factor in how you relate to “what’s out there”.  That experience, evidence, concept, etc. is what is determining what you will believe and what you won’t, what your future holds and what it won’t.  Be cheesy.  You can ask for help sorting that out even if you don’t believe in anything.  Say, “Hey, God, if you are out there, show me yourself.”  If you want to be really bold, say, “Hey, God, let’s get to the bottom of this.  Is Jesus your son?”  There aren’t any rules saying, “If you use God to get an answer, you’re obligated to do what he says.”